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Deputy Governor of Riau (Wagubri) H Arsyadjuliandi Rachman welcomed Sago Food Festival Nusantara 2014, District Government sponsored Meranti, Riau and Sorong regency, Papua, in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Regency Governments (APKASI), in the South Parking Gelora Senayan, Jakarta. The festival lasts for two days (Saturday-Sunday / 4 - May 5, 2014). Moreover, the public interest is quite large to come to the festival. The festival is opened by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heriawan not only attended by the general public, but also businessmen, officials, ambassadors among artists to friendly countries. Appear to present a senior artist Titiek Puspa, Melly Manuhutu, Edo Kondologit, Iyet Bustami up senior lawyer Elza Syarif.
Melly Manuhutu even Sagu was named the National Ambassador, Ambassador Bustami Iyet Riau Sago and Sago Edo Kondologit Ambassador of Papua.

"I appreciate and support this festival. I would support what he wants Meranti Islands Regent's (making sago as a food substitute for rice and sago downstream products)," said Andi Wagubri is familiarly called it during his speech. Andi also said that to support the downstream product diversification sago or sago into various food products, medicines or cosmetics, should be involved not only the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service but also including Investment Board and the Regional Promotion (BPMPD). "At least three of this on education must work together," he said. On that occasion, Andi invites employers to look at investment opportunities, especially for downstream products (derivative products) sago. During this time, sago has not been able to properly processed into various products that have economic value. Until now, new sago known to the public as one of the food ingredients, such as sago and other noodles. 


In fact, sago not only can be processed into various food products, but also cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics materials and adhesives industry needs to bioethanol. "Investors should look at this as a very promising business opportunities," said Andi again. During this time, the utilization of sago as a food source still far less than the national rice. Though sago is native Indonesian food sources that supply abundant, economical, and abortion is much better than rice because of the high carbohydrate (84.7%) and low sugar levels. For a long time sago for export mainly to Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and Japan. But unfortunately, in the domestic sago is not treated properly, making it less economic value. Indonesian society is also highly dependent on rice. Even as said Wamentan Rusman, 90 percent of the people of Indonesia to rice as a staple food. Whereas in the 1950s, only about 53 percent of Indonesian people who make rice as a staple food. The rest, nothing to eat sago, corn or tubers. "When the people of Indonesia would appreciate local knowledge. Papuans eat tubers, NTT eat corn and some are eating sago. 

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Now 90 percent more we depend on rice.'s Obviously a big mistake," said Rusman. Just a note, sago plantation in the world around 2 million hectares more. 1.25 million hectares in Indonesia and the largest in Papua. The rest is in Riau (Meranti Islands, Bengkalis, Inhil, Siak and Pelalawan), Aceh, Sulawesi, Maluku, West Sumatra and North Sumatra. "This is actually a tremendous gift from God to the people of Indonesia," said Rusman. At this festival also provided a variety of food products with a basis of sago for free. The general public who come to the festival can taste it directly. At least, according to the committee, there are about 3 thousand packages of food are provided free of charge. Hopefully, through this festival, the public is increasingly in love with the food products made ​​from sago. source:

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