9 Tips before traveled

You are like traveling it's good to know what are the things that must be prepared before traveling. In order for your trip can truly be enjoyed to perfection then these tips deserve for you to know:

Define your goals properly

There are so many tourist destinations in the world, but certainly you have to choose which direction and purpose, to the city or village, or shopping or enjoying the incredible natural scenery such as Lombok, Bali, Bunaken, Raja Ampat or the other.


Calculate Estimated Travel Expenses.

After you specify the destination, make sure you calculate the approximate cost of the trip. Necessary to carry cash very safe when traveling. Calculate how much money estimated to be incurred during the adventure, so there is no problem of running out of money again during the journey traveled. Some requirements may be out is the cost of fuel, food, highways, lodging, souvenirs, medicines, snacks, and so forth. When traveling in a place away from the crowds, bring more cash as reserves.

Tourist attractions such as mountains, beaches and lakes in Indonesia mostly do not provide ATM nearby. In order not to run out of money while in the sights, it's good to bring spare cash for immediate needs.

Looking for information about attractions you will visit.

Once goals and suitable travel expenses next tips are searching for information about attractions which will you Visit. It is very important that you know such as accommodation / lodging / hotels, banks / ATMs, hospitals, police stations, weather, local transportation. Do not let your confusion after arriving at the destination.

Create a List

In order for your tour is not compromised because of something you forget, make a list of needs will be taken as a passport, ID, ticket, money, clothes, medicine, camera and others.

Keep your health and fitness

Many tourist attractions are demanding fitness and health visitors, unless you want limping during a visit to a tourist spot where you are supposed to be happy but will be a little harrowing for those who do not have a health condition and fitness of the body is very fit.

Prepare a country currency

Prepare local currency country of destination, or if you have trouble, bring popular currencies such as the America Dollar, Euro or Pound. Remember that not all countries there is a money changer purposes.

Finish the job

Do not get when you're enjoying the tour, you get a call from the office because your job is not finished and make sure you delegate your tasks to people who you think can do well.

Pay bills

Make sure you pay off all your regular bills such as telephone, electricity, water etc.

Contact neighbors

Surely you leave the house empty, if you are going on vacation with a long time like more than one week, good titipkanlah your home state to the left-right neighbors of your home or to a relative who can help. Make sure your home residence locked and do not keep expensive items and valuable arbitrary but it is advisable to store it in a safe deposit box.

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