Raja Ampat has a wealth of natural and species in the world

Raja Ampat - West Papua


Based on history, the Raja Ampat Islands, there are four traditional kingdoms, each kingdom is Waigeo, with his power base in Wewayai, Waigeo island; Salawati kingdom, the center of power in Samate, North Salawati island; Sailolof kingdom with power center in Sailolof, South Salawati island, and Misol kingdom, the center of power in Lilinta, island Misol.

Ruler of the Kingdom Lilinta / Misol (since the 16th century royal subordinate Bacan):
  • Abd al-Majid {1872-1904)
  • Jamal ad-Din (1904-1945)
  • Dekamboe ad-Din Bahar (1945 -)
Ruler of the Kingdom Waigama (since the 16th century royal subordinate Bacan):
  • Abd ar-Rahman (1872-1891)
  • Hasan (1891/1900 to 1916)
  • Tafalas Shams ad-Din (1916-1953)
Ruler of the Kingdom Salawati (since the 16th century Sultanate of Ternate subordinate):
  • Abd al-Kasim (1873-1890)
  • Muhammad Amin (1900-1918)
  • Arfan Bahar al-Din (1918-1935)
  • Abu'l-Kasim Arfan (1935?)
Ruler of the Kingdom Waigeo (since the 16th century Sultanate of Ternate subordinate):
  • Gandżun (1900-1918)
Misool cluster region found prehistoric remains a hand stamp that is attached to the rock wall. Interestingly, labeling these hands are very close to the sea surface and not inside the cave. According to estimates, the age labeling these hands around 50,000 years and became part of the sequence of human instructions deployment path of the western region of the archipelago into Papua and Melanesia. Remaining plane wreck from World War II can be found in some dive sites, such as on the island of Wai.

Nature Tourism

The natural beauty of Papua are still rarely touched, making this area is still beautiful and attractive tourist destination. Raja Ampat is a famous area in Papua that has attracted the sympathy of the whole world. The natural beauty, flora, fauna and the friendliness of its people are very charming and worth if the area is dubbed as the paradise of the world.

Various activities can be done by tourists visiting these islands. Is the favorite activity to do in the sea is clean. You will regret if you do not dive to see the flora and fauna under the sea, because the underwater flora and fauna is the most complete in the world besides these waters also ranks as a top 10 best waters for diving or diving.

The waves is very challenging for the surfers, surfing in the ocean Many travelers Raja Ampat archipelago. With the sea breeze blows and the warmth of the sun makes surfing be fun. Plus the beauty of the beautiful white sand, into a beautiful landscape for the surfers. Misool islands became a favorite of surfers.

Diving and Snorkeling

Home to a quarter of the world's marine life, renowned Indonesian Islands will be a world-class diving and stunning underwater beauty. Dive into the ocean and find abundant with all kinds of sea creatures, from Weh Island in Sumatra to Raja Ampat in Papua. Where else in the world can you get up close to a mantaray and turtles, dive spectacular and explore old shipwrecks?

Whether you're an experienced diver looking for a new challenge or just want to try your hand at snorkeling for the first time, the tropical waters of Indonesia will not disappoint you. Indonesian dive into the underwater experience is astounding.

The people of Misool achievements

Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat possibly hold the richest variety of species in the world, including an incredible 75 percent of all known coral species.

But Raja Ampat's natural resources are abundant threatened by destructive fishing practices, poor land use practices and targeting endangered species. The Conservancy is working closely with governments, communities, NGOs and the private sector to find solutions to these problems and protect the extraordinary spectrum of life of Raja Ampat.

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